Cultural Differences: Now, see, that’s aseptible.

‘Aseptible’ is an inside joke I’m outing. One of The Girls’ Grade School Teachers had problems pronouncing the word ‘acceptable.’ She probly didn’t even know One of the Girls told us about her prblm and that her prblm was continues to be a source of great fun for us. But let’s not be krewl. I, myself, get tongue-tied pronouncing ‘hypothesis’– which is sort of funny, given what I used to do for a living.

And now to the point of the post.

The Hunters came out last nite. I got a fone call asking if they could camp out overnite. Sure. But I asked if they wouldn’t be more comfortable camping out in the Bunkhouse. Yes, they would be. And so they did. And here’s how they left the joint:

Todaly aseptible.

And get this. As opposed to our Italian guest, who did not make his bed and contributed nothing but interesting idle conversation that amused us for an evening, The Hunters have a shot at contributing real goods– in addition to good conversation.