Numbers | Calculations | & of Course, Missy

I’ve been looking at some numbers,
calculating drive times, ETAs, & cetera,

and dealing with Missy as I’ve been doing these other things. 

Stay tuned! Hopefully it will be a quick trip and Miss M., Daughter C, and I will be back on the Farm in time for more numbers looking.

Poor Mr. Big Food. He’ll have to deal with Missy for a few hours tomorrow. As men often do, he’s more inclined to exciting them than to calming them down. Geeze. Even as I’m typing this– they are in den with me– Mr. Big Food is egging them on with ‘woofs’ from the kitchen. 

Should be an interesting day tomorrow. Pray for our souls.

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  1. Is that a male thing? DH drives me nuts when he effectively teases the dog with something or other when she’s peacefully sleeping – and then gets annoyed with her because she’s revved up…because he couldn’t seem to let sleeping dogs lie.

    I thought it was just _him_!!

  2. He is not alone. John does the same thing. Before I left today, I asked, “Do you want me to put Missy in her box?” and he said,”No.” and then i found Missy in her box with a kitchen knife! A KITCHEN KNIFE!

    God Love ’em.

  3. We’ve just discovered that dog _loves_ persimmons! Now, we’ve already learned that dog is truly truly an omnivore. I usually eat my noon salad at my desk at work (easier to answer phones and wait on customers while eating). First day I did this with dog present, I got up to wait on a customer and came back to find my dish on the floor licked perfectly clean! There had been nothing left in it but a bit of salad dressing and cut up tomatoes. She did not pick out the tomatoes. All had totally verschwindelt! (disappeared – but verschwindelt sounds so much _more_ somehow! Now I think about it – I wonder if “swindler” is related to it?) We dare not leave anything in reach. She’s not as bad as granddaughter’s dog who would also put paws up on counter to swipe food, but if it’s in nose reach…it’s gone gone gone!

    No knives so far, though.

    But persimmons? We have a hachiya persimmon tree by the front door. We’ve had trouble losing them to the birds – now we have the birds getting the ones at the top of the tree, and the dog snacking on the ones at the bottom! Guess it’s time to pick and dry them!

    This weekend for sure!

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