UPDATE: Ha ha ha ha ha

UPDATE: By “you” I do not mean you, Dear Readers, but “you”– the folks I was talking to in person yesterday.

I have so little in common with you.

And yet I try.

Food? Gardens? Guns?

I try.

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    1. Lard would not be something we– not you & I, Aggie, but we– have in common.

      I suggested that if “they” wanted to slow down global warming, “they” might want to bust up their roads and turn ’em into gravel. (Better to soak up rain water, etc.) I was informed it’s hard to ride a bike on a gravel road.

      We have so little in common.

      Do you regularly cook with lard? Or just particular recipes?

    2. I got it now. I use lard in place of vegetable shortening in recipes and to grease up pans. On some level my husband thinks this is how I am trying to kill him but then, I was right about the butter.

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