Enemy Lines Pt 4: VACATION!

Where to begin?

1. Grammar. Specifically, punctuation. Good Lord.

This was one of the kiosks at WinterWonderFest at Navy Pier.

There were
a lot of people.

Back to the kiosk.

B. What exactly does this mean? Back in the crappy olden days, you Worked, you got a Vacation. The more you worked, the more vacation you got. It was a linear relationship. Linear Relationships are not all the exceptional.

3. Way of Life. You know, it’s late. I’ banking on my way of life being way more exceptional than the vast majority of those who looked at this poster.

And by the way– Note that this kiosk was abandoned. I guess they went on vacation.

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  1. I’m glad to see you are back safe from your trip behind enemy lines. I feel the same way after getting back from Queens which is sad since I grew up there.

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