The Kitchen Table: A Dispute

We addressed two grammar issues today. The first, whether ‘faculty’– as in ‘Law faculty’ as in  ‘members of the Law School faculty’– was singular or plural, we dispensed [dealt out] quite readily. ‘Fish’ ‘Fishes’ whatever. Consult some crappy old dictionaries. Take a stand. Justify it. Move on.

The second was not so easily disposed.

Gosh dang it. Now I have to go look up dispensed and disposed.

Word-wise I’m fine.

 And now to the second issue.

Just because a word doesn’t appear in an abridged dictionary or

in a crappy old unabridged dictionary–

doesn’t mean a word is not a word.

Miss M. owes me a pack of cigs.


End. Of. Discussion.  

ADDED LATER: These aren’t really grammar issues are they? Vocabulary issues.