A Blog-Worthy Evening

We have the Cristina Hoff-Summers post. 

We have the Soil-Science Knowledge Quiz. (coming)

We have the Best Defensive Back in the Whole United States of America— are you kidding me? I’ve been sitting there watching him & I didn’t even know it– post. (coming)

And we have the upcoming 50th Anniversary of a watershed movement:

In 1963, MSU’s basketball team was invited to play in the NCAA tournament. The Bulldogs, under head coach Babe McCarthy, were slated to play Loyola College, a team that started four black players. At the time, state law prohibited Mississippi teams from playing against integrated athletic teams. With the support of Coach McCarthy and university president Dean Colvard, a plan was devised for the team to sneak off campus and play in the tournament anyway. With the plan successful, the game between the Bulldogs and racially integrated Loyola became a watershed moment for the state of Mississippi and the civil rights movement.

 And… we have Aunt Bea & Uncle James’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

Happy Anniversary, y’all.