“Catch a Falling Star”

Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket

Never let it fade away!
Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket,
Save it for a rainy day!

I was humming this tune as Earth approached the shower.
After a delightful oven supper of sausage, sweet potaotes and apples– yeah, yeah, I’m delinquent on recipes– Mr. Big Food and I took the truck up to the summit to watch the sky. It was glorious.  Miss M. was watching it from the cheap seats below– and shouting at us! We could hear her!
“Whoa. Did you see that?”
 Mr. Big Food and I and our truck navigated our way back to the cheap seats and convinced Miss M. to jump in the truck go looking for falling stars. 
We found some.
We put some in our pockets.