“Attention, Gun Show Shoppers…

Will the owner of a White Truck report to the Front Entrance? You’re blocking in a White Truck.”

The parking lot at the Gun Show.

It was an interesting experience. Very civilized. There was a huge sign alerting us to the fact that loaded firearms are not permitted in the facility. Let me say that again. You cannot bring a loaded firearm into a Gun Show. The sign was quite explicit. To Paraphrase: “We don’t care if you have a carry permit. You cannot bring a loaded firearm into this Gun Show.”

And since Concealed Carry Permit Holders are by definition Law Abiding Citizens, we all unload. And when we were asked– as we were in line to pay our entrance fee– if we had firearms, we answered, “Yes, but there’re not loaded” and then we produced our unloaded firearms for inspection, and we watched while a cable tie was inserted into out unloaded firearms.

The nice fellow at the table cut the cable tie as we exited. 

A Gun-Free Gun Show. What will they think of next?

The story is changing, but what I’m hearing is that the Principal confronted the shooter. What if the Principal had confronted the shooter with a .357? 


If a shooter came into a Gun-Free Gun Show, how long would it take those of us with knives in our pockets, i.e., everyone, to cut our cable ties?

Shooters shouldn’t have a chance. They should be out numbered and out smarted. That can’t  work if you’re not armed.