Steppin’ It Up a Notch

December 19th

Miss M. shot a higher caliber handgun today than she did yesterday. After the first round, she exclaimed (while turning around and still pointing the gun at the ground with her finger off the trigger), “Oh! S&^#!!” She did well with the higher caliber handgun. She now needs to work on form (elbows), breathing, &c. 

I, myself,* did okay.

A little low and seriously too far to the left, but acceptable & correctable

That was the first time in a long time I’d shot Mr. Big Food’s Big handgun. It’s really Too Big for my hands. But I was pleased. I liked the tight little grouping of four. 

The Hunting Boys took advantage of a glorious day to sight in their Deer Guns.

And it goes without saying that what we would really like to see is the Hunting Boys Sight In their Deer Guns on an Actual Deer before Deer Season in Over.

 * I say, “I, myself,” because according to my knuckle dragging gun tottin’ interpretation of history, the sovereignty of “I” is unique to the history of the United States.  I wanted to emphasize”I.”

On another note, Miss M. and I made our annual pilgrimage to The Piglet to buy some non-perishable food. We dropped it off at the MSU Ag Extension Office. Lisa will deliver it to the County Baptist Center and folks there will make it available to folks who need it. 

I’m not going to search for the link to where I’ve talked about this before, but Mississippians are the most charitable folk in these United (scoff) States.