Throw Missy a Bone!

She figured it out!

Miss M. has been fretting about this for over two weeks now. She has recipes for homemade dogs biscuits. She has family (!) and friends with dogs. She’d like to give homemade dog biscuits to her families’ and friends’ dogs. Alas, she cannot find a dog-biscuit-shaped biscuit-cutter. And so her brain got to work in the background (h/t A. Leland), while she was busy baking people cookies. 

She started with heart-shaped dog biscuits.

And then it dawned on her! And then her brain screamed at her, “Yo! M!”

Good Girl!

I din’t have a doggy biscuit, although I did have a delicious people cookie, but Missy tells me she loved ’em. According to Missy, Miss M.’s doggie biscuits were hard enough to throw around for a minute or two after which time, she could sink her teeth into them. Perfect.