As you can plainly see

I’ve got nuthin’.

I drove a truck to G’boro. The truck contained three humans, one big dog, and luggage and such. We went through Atlanta. We were then in G’boro– which was fun b/c Kat & Ton were there, too (Miss M had headed to G’ville).

Best Part was spending time with Kat & The Tonster.

Christmas. (I made the mashed potatoes. There was no wine.)

We drove home. The last two hours of the trip we listened to The Dead.

All the while, I tried to come up with something interesting to say beyond the obvious: How do you people freaking live like this? No wonder you go ballistic living like this!

But I didn’t find anything.

So now we are back on The Farm. And if you’ll just give me a day or two more to rinse and spit… .


Missy spent four nights in Her Box in Mama’s Garage. She had a glorious gallop in the pasture today.

Big Life!

p.s. We miss Rocky.