The World Is As It is

When Mr. Big Food & I were hanging out in G’boro, conversation with Kat & Tony came ’round to the Star Trek Movie. Kat & Tony– the Sophisticated Among Us– figured we could download it to Kat’s iTunes. Haha. That would take a mere 27 hours at 2 bits per hour. Eventually– and a few miles logged onto the truck– we watched the DVD on myMac. Good film. We enjoyed it.

Mikey gifted me The Best of Star Trek The Original Series. We watched a couple of episodes our first night back on the Farm.

Fun stuff.

So aside from thinking about the movie, Shane (which we watched last night and are still thinking about), we’ve been in a Star Trek frame of mind lately.

And now, from Miss M,’s Friend, comes this:

Just sumthin to think about.