An Invitation

Dear Miss M.’s “Friend,”

We invite you to visit us at Farther Along Farm this Spring. The earlier, the better. There’s nothing quite like grillin’ steaks out on the patio listening to the Peepers in early March.

Most Sincerely,

Marica & John

5 Responses

  1. Thank you very kindly. I would love to come visit Further Along Farm this Spring. That sounds like great fun, and I look forward to meeting you both.

    Miss M’s friend (Michael)

  2. Noted… I have been informed of the infamous Cooper sister squabbles and advised to take cover until the dust settles when such things happen. My meeting with Kat was very pleasant and gives me the impression that you all are an inspiring breed of people. I hope to joing you on the “Farther Along Farm” sometime in May if all goes according to plan. Also, you will be pleased to know that Miss M has begun her journey back to the farm this morning. I hope that shewill be arriving safely Sunday afternoon. She will be missed.

    1. That is good advise! Let’s hope you don’t need to take cover any time soon. 🙂

      We will forward to your visit. May is a lovely time here on the Farm. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting– us… we’re just country mice!

      Thanks for the heads up about Miss M. We’ve been missing her, too.

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