She fits in well.

But don’t mess with her.

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  1. I have one of those, her name escapes me because I call her rotten. I love the statues!! History please! BTW I voted yes to all three not just because I am interested (I am!) but I will aid in your attempt to have your co-bloggers post since I did not enable your book passion.

  2. Thank you for voting! Perhaps my “co-bloggers” will see your comment!

    The statues do have an interesting history. They came from the house in Cincy which was originally built by a stone mason (1907). They were in the garden. There was another– an angle, much larger– but the movers were not certain they could get it here without destroying it so we left it. The story we like to tell is that these three were the stone mason’s grandkids and the angle was watching over them. Teh middle one used to have a fishing pole. So, no idea if our story is true, but t makes for interesting conversation!

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