Mississippi Advertising

I love ads. 

Every afternoon, the Dogs and I and a box of bonbons and a cup of tea sit down in front of the Television and watch re-runs of Andy Griffith and giggle at the ads targeted at the Target audience, the members of which apparently fall down a lot. Every evening Mr. Big Food and I sit down in front of the Television and watch The Big Bang Theory and giggle at the ads targeted at men who can’t get up. Depending on the ad– targeted at the Television Show Target Audience– we consumers are addressed as idiots/morons/imbeciles. 

I love ads.

My favorite ads are roadside ads– where the target audience is just folks in cars. The scrolling marquee signs are great!

At Walgreens: 

DORITOS! 3 $10!! [Inflation]

At Fred’s: 

LADIE’S UNGRMENTS!! BY 2 GET ONE FREE!! [That’s 33% off the lesser priced. No Big deal.]

At The Bank: 

5% 2nd Mortgage! BUILD a Deck!!

My most Favorite of All are the low-tech Road Signs. If you live in a city, you have no idea what I’m talking about, but if you are a Country Mouse, you know these signs.

SUP r Lu O P  N 9 2 5

JOEs CLEAN RESTROOMS Dinn   Th – S Lunch @ noon

Mostly I just giggle. But this one caught my attention.

I doubled back.

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  1. LOL. My favorite one was on a local church, “You think it’s hot now, try going to hell”. We have a windshield company with a board that says “We will fix your crack” and of course the favorites are the ones citizens help out with, like blacking out all the c’s on the canal rd. signs one year.

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