Signs of the Times | The Girl from Alabama Comes to Town

Today I had the distinct pleasure of being on the campus of a large land-grant university

where our friend talked with some Honors students about justice in Honors Cultures, and contrasted that with “institutionalized” justice.*  
We Southerners have a well-honed sense of Honor.

As is my habit when on a public university campus, I snapped a few pictures of some signs.

This is good advise. Later in the evening, The Girl from Alabama had more Good Advise.
Respect for others. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is a motivating factor of the behavior of folks in Honors Cultures.
Although studying in Oxford, Mississippi would be sort of like going to another country, they’re talking about Oxford, England, a real other country. I don’t think I’m mischaracterizing anything when I say that part of what’s going on in Great Britain** and on the Continent is a clash of cultures. But the Girl from Alabama would be the one who’d have more interesting things to say about that than I.
This is problematic. You are what you eat. You eat free food. What does that say about you? Let’s ask The Girl From Alabama! 
What are your thoughts?

Just a couple of thoughts. First, deal with the *’s.

* If I understand this correctly, in an Honor Culture, scrappy little Kat and older Daughter beat the snot out of someone who messed with Miss M on the playground. (I’m certain I’ve gotten this trip down memory lane wrong and will be corrected.) In an Institutionalized Culture, Kat comes home tells her sad story, Daughter C and Miss M witness, we– Mom & Dad– take our case to an impartial arbiter (the principal)–  … .

** Going on in Great Britain. Press Censorship. Sad. 

The Girl from Alabama gave a good talk. I don’t agree with her on everything. I think that she should be a prime target for Libertarians in the sense that if she– with all that she brings to the table, and it’s a lot– would engage… blah blah blah.

Now that I’ve seen her, I would like to have seen Condi seated next to _______ at the Dinner Party.