Jesus’ last meeting with his disciples; Jesus appearing on the shores of Galilee

From The Bible Story Book: A Complete Narration from Genesis to Revelation for Young and Old (new and revised) by Elsie E. Egermeir, published by The Warner Press, Anderson Indiana, copyright 1923 … 1939, discarded by the DuBois Public Library. Thanks, Mom, for picking this up.

I know. I’m a few days early on this. Everyone focuses on the Resurrection. That is to say, everyone who thinks there’s more to Easter than the Easter Bunny focuses on the Resurrection and only the most devoted know– or think they know– what happened in the days and years immediately after.

In the last chapter of the Gospel of John there is an account of how the risen Jesus appeared to the disciples one day when they had gone back to their fishing boats on the lake of Galilee, and of what he said that day to Peter and John. And in the first letter to the Corinthians it is recorded that he showed himself also to the apostle James, though it is not told how or where.

From The Story of the Church by Walter Russell Bowie, published by Abingdon Press, New York, Nashville, copyright MCMFLF, discarded by Eupora Methodist Church. 

Some years later Saul of Tarsus– a.k.a. Paul– came down the pike. That’s when Christ went exponential/global. At least that’s what my Saturday before Easter reading of my crappy old books on the subject suggests. 

“The world cannot forget or ignore them, no matter hard it may try.”

From The Book of Life: Volume Seven Paul, Life, Letters, arranged and edited by Newton Marshall Hall, A.M., D.D. and Irving Francis Wood, Ph.D., D.D., published by John Rudin & Coompany, Inc., Chicago, copyright 1934.

“A knowledge of their great lives is absolutely necessary to the intelligent understanding of human history.”

I agree.

Here’s my plan. We stop the clock on everything, everywhere. It’s a Holiday!

First off– you folks in D.C. go find a real home outside of D.C. Go buy your groceries and get your oil changed. Find some time to read the Constitution and do some target shooting. HA! Go find some .22 ammo like the rest of us.

Next. Get that little boy in North Korea a concubine to read to him. While on Holiday, read him some good stuff. Watch a Western movie. Set him up a Facebook page.

Folks in the Middle East. Cool your jets. Get over yourselves. Relax. It’s a holiday. Read a good  book.

Africa. You know, the technology is out there. You might wanna do some research over the holiday.

Europe. I know you are familiar with holidays, you have then all the time. Carry on.

Great Britain and the former Colonies– you, of all Nations, should take this opportunity to reflect.

None of us is where we’d imagined being, are we? Britain, Australia– You think you have rights, but you have no way of protecting them. Hell. You don’t even have free speech anymore.

So it’s useful to look at history.