Okay. Here’s the deal. Mr. Big Food has decided to follow the Reds this year. Again. It costs <$10 per month so we can budget that.

The Reds lost their opener in over time. BORING.

We retired to the Den. Mr. Big Food turned on Fox News.

I am trying to think about stuff as Sean and now Greta yack and yack and yack.

Seriously. Do people really get news and commentary of the day watching Fox?

1. The “news” they are “reporting” is about five days old.

2. Sean. Shut Up. Your Guest is doing a better job of making your point than you are.

3. Sean. This is not The Five. You do not get points for talking louder than your guests.

4. Greta, you are curious. That’s for sure.

5. No. Greta. There is no way to renegotiate these public pensions. Where have you been? You’re rusty on contract law? Rusty?  You should watch FOX. FOX explains everything.

Oh. Look. Big Bang Theory