Bean, summer squash, winter squash and pumpkin seeds are in the ground! 

The plot is 9′ x 60′. At each end, I’ve reserved two 10′ x 9′ blocks for corn. I’m no corn planting expert, but I think it’s a little too early to plant corn. If corn doesn’t come up likedysplit, the stupid birds get the seed. So maybe next weekend.

Meanwhile, I have planted 40′ x 9′ in beans and squash.

The 9′ rows go like this: Beans (every 4-6″). Summer Squash (3/ 9′). Winter Squash/Pumpkins (2/9′). 

I have seven 9′ rows of beans and 7x 3 = 21 summer squash plants. My plan is that in about two, two & a half months, the beans and summer squash will be winding down.  I’ll then pull the plants, giving the Winter Squash room to expand. 

That’s my plan.

Missy. What is your problem?