Cinco de Mayo Here on the Farm

What a strange May 5th!

This morning, while it was cold and rainy, we enjoyed hot coffee and orange slices. Later, we communed over brunch at the Breakfast Table. Grits with butter. Vegan grits with Earth Balance fake-butter. American Farm and some other home made sausage. Eggs scrambled with peppers &c. in Sausage fat (there’s not much, it’s homemade sausage). Various juices. And a Fresh Pot of Coffee.

Mr. Big Food and I went to the grocery store and I picked up some cigs for the kids.

The kitchen had been cleaned by the time the groceries arrived back at the Farm.

Miss M, Miss M’s Friend, Michael and I took the dogs to the pasture and it rained.

We had hot dogs, vegan hot dogs, left-over 17 bean salad, and chips for lunch. Paper plates. You run the dishwasher or you take out trash.

[Insert phone calls & text messages]

Bruno showed up.

[Insert quiet Sunday afternoon]

And then the Sun came out!

They were inspired by Rocky & Missy.

 And then chicken wings were ready to eat and we ate chicken wings and chips & salsa in the patio.

And then we played a trivial game.

 AND THEN Mr. Big Food decided it was time to grill.

Strong Positive Correlation– Males: Grill Smoke

So we ate grilled steak and Spanish Rice and Fresh Salsa  and Lime Buttered Tortillas (some vegan). 

And then, after we had digested, we resumed The Trivia Game.

We have four games which ask trivial questions. Two banks of questions are from Trival Pursuit (the Original and the 1990s’s version), the other two are from  ’80’s and ’90’s survivalist-type questions games, e.g., Worst Case Scenario.

They make the Rules up as they go along, given the initial set of rules.

 I appove.

I was Winning before Mr. Big Food joined.

In the end, Mr. Big Food won. His card/pie tally was 14. Daughter C and I tied for 2nd at 13. Mike had 12. 

What do you want to do tomorrow?

I know. Put your husband on a plane.   

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