Simply Delicious!

When Mr. Big Food ventures off the Farm for more than a day or two, those of us who remain behind worry that we will starve to death in his absence.

Not really– we all know our way around the kitchen, and Lord knows we have the raw materials. But it’s a pretty good running Family Joke.

When left to our own devises, we improvise. To whit:


Salad & Pizza.

Miss M & her Friend, Michael, picked some things up in Starkvegas– including two portions of pizza dough from Venice, a Pizza restaurant. The dough cost $5. For those who don’t do math, that’s two dollars and fifty cents per pizza. They loaded each pizza– vegan & carnivore– with a healthy dose of freshly picked true Greek Oregano. I can only speak to the deliciousness of the carnivore version (although I did have a taste of the delicious vegan version) — Pepperoni. Salami. Feta.

And they picked a salad from the garden and tossed it with oil & vinegar.


Salad & Baked Potato.

The freshly picked salad was much the same, except that it included leftover pizza options. So I scattered some diced pepperoni and salami on mine.

Miss M baked the potatoes in the oven.

Good Lord. Butter. Sour Cream. Still more leftover cut up onions &c. Food Coma.


A hard day. Miss M put her Friend on a Plane. Miss M went to MEM and then spent an hour at Whole Foods. Mr Big Food & I Skyped.

I had a sandwich for supper. I chopped up some radishes, and some garden cress and mixed it with some tuna and mayonnaise and buttered a piece of bread and sliced some Camembert cheese that Miss M had purchased at Whole Foods, and topped my paper plate with some Lays Potato Chips.

 Simply Delicious!