I’m the BEST!

I was told so repeatedly today by my daughters, who are, by the way, the best! They gave me a half a bushel and three buckets full of gifts!

All wrapped up in hearts & flowers!

Before I continue chronicling My Day, I should report that Mr. Big Food is happy to be back on the Farm– a joint where, thanks to Miss M, arriving home on Mother’s Day means you are treated to home baked water crackers, good cheese, and champagne.

And now back to My Day and My Gifts from My Daughters. 

This floral creamer’s posture reminds me of Rocky. You think he’s going to lower his head and charge you, but instead, he’s  just going to pour some sweet cream in your coffee. Rocky just rolls over.
Three buckets full of water hose nozzles,  and– importantly– a hose splitter. Oh. And some garden gloves and an indoor watering can.

A half bushel basket full of assorted garden stuff– rain gauge (good, mine is broken), soil testers kit, pruning shears, shears to cut herbs, plant tags & markers for the herb garden– and not cheap frizbees.
A cactus
A set of Holland Pottery Cabbage Leaf bowls and two coordinating “bowls” that we’ve voted represent rutabagas but are all willing to be convinced are something else entirely

Miss M and I found the Holland cabbage bowls in Starkvegas on Friday at the Goodwill/Salvation Army Store. I admired them. To my mind, every self respecting farm should have cabbage pottery.  She bought them for me as an early Mother’s Day gift. 

After I’d finished opening my delightfully wrapped gifts,

and Mr. Big Food had settled back into Life on the Farm to which he’s accustomed

we all sat around while Miss M read from another early gift she picked up at the Goodwill/Salvation Army Store.

Solomon M. Skolnick; MJF Books, New York; 2005

 Impressive. Daughter C knows her history.  🙂

The kids worked out the details of how to incorporate these mostly easy and circular questions into The Unified Theory of Everything Trivia Game. It’s easy. Open the book to a random page. Ask a question.

And then– if life wasn’t good enough– we pulled some frizbees from the bushel basket and called the dogs. 

And then– we had Chinese Food that Daughter C and Mr. Bow Tie delivered from Starkvegas because it’s Mother’s Day and I love Chinese Food. 


I would be remiss if I did not share the cards. And Kat’s Gift which is being framed.

The insides are personal, but here are the outsides:


I’m the Best. You want to go argue with Caroline, Katherine & Margaret? Have at it.

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