I wonder what the dogs think,

don’t you?

Their routine has been shattered. We didn’t even play Frisbee today.

There were all these people and they all, to some degree, loved the dogs, and then, for several hours, it was like it was a few days ago. Kinda quiet.


And then it’s back to normal.

and then

Let’s go to town to see a pictures show!

Ye Haw!

 And the dogs will be alone for the better part of the day.

And then we will return home.


The dogs are being tested.

They’ve done okay so far. Rocky is better than Missy along some dimensions. Missy is better along others.

As a pair of dogs who had no prospects for a good life before they came to the Farm, I think we are doing okay at providing them a better life. The Good Lord knows we are trying.

Vicious Pitt Bull.

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