Rocky’s Head Is Under My Desk,

and Missy’s Laying Over There

So I was chatting with Tony the other day and he was telling me about his next book. 

And I am excited to see what sort of Royalties Tony’s last book generate.

And then we got to talking about Mr. Big Food’s next book.

And it occurred to me that I don’t have a book. If I did have a book I’d ask 

Kat, who wrote a book on photo editing, to prepare Daughter C’s original illustrations for my book– in whatever medium she chooses to do them– for inclusion in my delightful little book about… ? …  that will come out in some medium. ebook? A vanity press

No matter. After some thought, here’s the book:

Farm Manners: The Guide to Gracious Living Through the Ages

Co-authored & edited by Miss M. Illustrated & edited by Daughter C. Remixed, Colorized & edited by Kat. 


I’m thinking we’d want something to seriously read and share in one year. That gives us one year to do research and to organize. See above. Books don’t git writ overnight.

When do “manners” make their first appearance?  C.f., the history of the napkin. 

I’ve noticed that neither Max nor Kyle are up on their Southern Manners. It ain’t that hard a scale. 1. I am female; 2. I am older than you. 3. I go first. 3′. Unless there’s a fire. 

In which case, smoke ’em if you got ’em.

But I still go first.

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  1. “How to Teach City Folks Farm Manners”

    I Love it! As I mentioned, neither Max nor Kyle are up on their Southern Manners.

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