Delightful Peasant Lunch &c.

Clockwise from top left: Ham Salad, Pheasant Salad, Egg Salad, Grapes

I’d just like to go on record and report that with a couple of minor exceptions, I’ve had a delightful weekend here at Farther Along Farm. 


It rained multiple times, but it is June in Mississippi. 

The problem is, rain throws Mr. Big Food off his cutting schedule. But he had real work to do and so made good use of rain time. 

The real work he had to do was not delightful.  


Daughter C came out early Saturday. She and Miss M did some housecleaning. Thank you! And some weeding. Thank you! And spent some sister time doing sister things.

We all chatted about someone with whom we are all mutually acquainted. Okay. We didn’t “chat,” we “trashed.” But that’s what families do. Family members recognize that there are folks out there who don’t in any way shape or form reflect our values. So when the opportunity arises, we trash them. Rest easy. If you are reading this blog, we are not trashing you.

We ate pheasant.

Oh! Before we ate Pheasant, Miss M treated us to Saturday Subway lunch. That was fun.

And then it was Sunday morning, and as is customary, Mr. Big Food & I went to the grocery store.

And we happened upon this scene as we returned.

And then we all did some stuff and had lunch (see above). 

And then, I learned what the Girls have planned for Farther Along Farm after Mr. Big Food & I cross the River Jordan/River Styx. We approve. Assuming we don’t go to Heaven in the next ten years, the Farm will be paid off. They’ll only need to pay the property taxes. And we hope that the profits from I’m Too Old for this Shirt T-Shirt Shop will make do. [Note to Girls: Time to pay attention. If you think you can just open up a tie-dye T-shirt shop… .]

And then, … .


I potted up some herbs for Daughter C.

It was a delightful weekend because it was the sort of weekend that Mr. Big Food and I have worked  hard to make happen.

The Kitchen Table
Grandpa Bobby loved zinnias.
And then we watched a movie.

And then it rained and the satellite went out.


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  1. The pheasant was so delicious! And subway, too. Thanks Miss M and Mr. Big Food!

    I think we should get started on our business venture, I’m Getting Too Old for This Shirt, ASAP.

    Great photos! See you this (upcoming) weekend!

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