Dear Low-On-The Totem-Pole-Government-Employee-Of Mine,

I thought that since you had to spend your Father’s Day reading my emails and monitoring my blog– I don’t think I called anyone today– you might be feeling sort of left out of the Father’s Day family fun. So I thought I’d speak to you directly– include you, personally, in our family goings on.

It’s not like I feel sorry for you, since you should know better. But whattheheck. I’m willing to give you, Low-On-The Totem-Pole-Government-Employee-Of Mine,  a second chance.

As you know, I have a couple of kids who reside in the area– if I turn off the GPS thingy on my phone, do you still know where I am? And as you also know, they’ve been getting into tie-dying lately. I’ve posted about their tie-dying, but I won’t expend the energy to search my blog for the links. I’m sure your search algorithm is faster than mine.

Anyway– The Girls wanted to make their Step-Daddy, Mr. Big Food, a couple of tie-dyed work-worthy shirts for Fathers Day.

By the way, did you find the time to call your dad? Or were you too busy? I know there are a lot of us to keep an eye on. It sucks that you didn’t get the day off to spend with your dad.

But I digress. What you did on Father’s Day is not my business.

Here’s how The Girls presented their tie-dyed Father’s Day shirts to Mr. Big Food.

In case you can’t read the signs, they say, “Happy…” “Father’s…” Day.”

As I’ve been constructing this post, I’ve been thinking a lot about you, Low-On-The Totem-Pole-Government-Employee-Of Mine, who’s reading this.

Every single one of these folks is flourishing. It’s not my business to judge your answer, but I’m still  free to ask, “Are you flourishing, Mr./Mrs./Ms/ Low-On-The Totem-Pole-Government-Employee-Of Mine?”

Tie-dying family history is what The Girls  do in their spare time. Click to enlarge.