Dusk: Nature’s Sepia

Foggy reflections of dusk

Hat tip to Rocky & Missy who got all worked up about something, prompting me to look outside.

Reflecting on the moment, it was a rare event. Missy got worked up about something and Rocky followed suit. More often than not– like 19 out of 20 times– it’s Rocky who is sensitive to changes in his environment. Rocky’s prone to false positives. But when Missy– who errs on the side of false negatives– gets worked up first, there are two things you want to do: 1) grab your camera and 2) grab your gun.

What’s that you say? You don’t own a gun? Not even a shotgun?

Well. Oh my. If that’s the case, stay away. If there had been an armadillo– which I’d hoped there was but turns out there wasn’t, least not one I could see in the dusk– you would have been defenseless.

False positive. True positive. +/- . False negative. True negative. +/-. You decide.

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