That’s It for the Recipes– Now on to the Books!

The other day I said,

Just so you know, Mr./Ms-Low-Man-On-The-Totem-Pole-Who’s-Tasked-With-Following-My-Little-Blog, this coming Monday is the first Monday of the month. That’s the once-a-month day the Public Library in Starkvegas has its book sale. I’ll be there. I’ll be especially interested purchasing crappy old books pertaining to American and English history, as well as those containing practical information such as how to properly tar and feather folks.

Unfortunately, I did not find any books about how to properly tar and feather folks.

But I did score big time.

A complete set of The Encyclopedia Americana Complete in Thirty Volumes (Americana Corporation, New York, Chicago, 1952).

“Set $5.00 or Make an Offer”

So I did.

“I’ll give you five dollars for the set it you throw if the bookshelf.”

Here on the Farm, we are book rich and bookshelf poor.

The nice Friend of the Library lady rejected my offer. She countered with $8. But she had to check with her boss.

Short story long. $8. I got a bookshelf and some crappy old books to populate it.

AND the crappy old books in the other room were on sale for $0.20.

I spent $10. I got Russell’s popular philosophy book, another Bobbsey Twins book, … .

Mr./Ms-Low-Man-On-The-Totem-Pole-Who’s-Tasked-With-Following-My-Little-Blog, do you know what I’m talking about?

Do you know who Russell is? From what I’ve picked up, Russell wasn’t the greatest philosopher, but that said, I did pick up his A History of Western Philosophy: And Its Connection with Political and Social Circumstances from the Earliest Times to the Present Day (1945)

Are you familiar with Russell? I asked Mr. Big Food about Russel’s History and he responded that it was a popular book for the common folk. I take it that you, Mr./Ms-Low-Man-On-The-Totem-Pole-Who’s-Tasked-With-Following-My-Little-Blog, are above the common folk. 

But surely, you are acquainted with Bertrand Russell. We invited him to the dinner party.

He writes about that Extremist, John Locke who was such an inspiration to Tomas Jefferson.