I’m published!

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I emailed the editor late Tuesday evening. The paper comes out Thursday. At first, he wasn’t sure he could work my letter into this week’s issue. He found a way.

This is a big deal in Mississippi right now. Police departments are actively encouraging private businesses to post NO GUN signs, in light of a new law that clarifies “concealed” and thus, through the back door, clarifies “open.”

There’s been push-back. Someone filed suit with the AG concerning use of pubic funds to print and distribute anti-gun signs. Numerous letters to editors. More than one person has designed a pamphlet– that’ right! a pamphlet!!– to distribute to business owners explaining Mississippi concealed carry law and what “No Guns” means. There’s a new web site devoted to listing stores that have posted the anti-gun signs. General local uproar.

Although there are a handful of Mississippi-specific web sites those of us who know law enforcement’s mission isn’t to prohibit our lawful exercise of rights frequent– there’s no centralization. If I were inclined to give Glory to God, it’s now that I would.

The NRA is no where to be seen. And that’s probably a very very good thing.

Yesterday, on one state-wide web site, a dude said to me, after I’d said that I was going to research the Big town in our county, “I’ll check [the other big town in our county].”

Long story short, I’m proud to be a Mississippian.

I’ve been feeling under the weather– so much so that Mr. Big Food and Miss M have commanded me to go inside. I don’t like being commanded. This post needs some links. But I’m feeling under the weather. Please excuse me. I hate asking that.