Sunday Supper: “One of the Most Traditional Meals in Our Country’s History”

As you prepare for family and friends to drop by to visit late tomorrow afternoon, consider how you are preserving a crappy old national tradition.


From Modernistic Recipe-Menu Book of the DeBoth Homemakers’ Cooking School by Jessie Marie DeBoth (Michigan Agricultural College, Chicago, 1929). 

My little newspaper’s “Time Capsule” column only goes back 75 years. I don’t think too many things had changed here in my little county between 1929 and 1938, culturally speaking. Of the 14 “visits” from 1938 re-reported in this week’s paper, six were Sunday visits. For example,

Mr. Elsie Little and Mr. Harry McDonald of Memphis visited Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Shaffer on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hood and children and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaffer spent a while Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Pervis Shaffer.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Graves and baby were Sunday evening visitors in the home of their bother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Noel Pogue. 

In 2013, hoping

Miss Daughter C will spend an enjoyable Sunday evening visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. Big Food.