A Strange Day in Early August, 2013

You may recall my knickers were in a knot last month.

At the beginning of July, legislation that clarified “concealed” went into effect. Mississippi is a State Constitutional Open Carry State, but language made it such that an openly carried holstered side arm was technically “concealed,” in virtue of the holster.


Mississippi is going to be overrun by bad guys carrying weapons!!!!!!!!!

Next thing you know, the Pigglet had a sign prohibiting me from entering.

So we spent three weeks spending $100 at the other store in town rather than at the Pig.

I noticed the other day that the sign on the Pig’s door was no more. So today, we shopped at the Pig.

What happened while we were there this morning should be instructive to every Liberty-minded citizen.

I finished shopping for my list before Mr. Big Food, so I wandered up to chat with Lisa at the check out.

I looked at the Big Jackson newspaper. 

She asked, “What do you think is going to happened?”

I asked, “To… ?”

“Our country.”

I said I thought our country was going to hell in a handbasket, but that history shows it’s always been.

I mentioned that John & I were Libertarians– of the sort you don’t have to agree but would be fun to  to engage in discussion. 

We talked about values and rights and not wanting to be told what to do by people who haven’t a clue about our lives. Lisa said she was tired of people not willing to talk– tired of people who thought they knew better.

And then Mr. Big Food and I checked out.

I’m glad we can shop at the Piglet again. Folks there are so interesting.