Filed Under Big Life: “And Then There’s Mike”

A pack of 50 envelopes for 10₵. I bought 50 cents’ worth. I’ll use them to file Big Things.

Miss M and I went to town today.

I should back up. 

As we were leaving the Farm to go to town, we observed that the truck was up by the Shop. So we drove up to the Shop and said, “Hello” to Mr. Big Food & Mike who were home earlier than “We’ll be home early” we expected.

Backing up further… .

Mr. Big Food and Mike had taken the truck and the trailer into Starkvegas this morning because it’s the 15th– the day Mike can occupy his new home.

Even further… .

Mike put his stuff in storage some two and one half months ago, left ‘Vegas, returned homeless, and has– as every person with a standing invitation can– made himself at home here on the Farm for a little while awaiting the 15th.  

And as you know, Miss M returned just a day or two ago from her short Facation in North Carolina. 

To sum up, Mike’s been here while Miss Miss wasn’t and now Miss M is. 

And to back up even further

Daughter C has been out to the Farm a lot lately before and after Mike’s arrival. Fun times.

Which brings us to this evening and Mike.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.


 Thank you, Mike, for indulging my stupidity.  

P.S. I know quoting Emerson is so passé– so 70’s. But “you know what I mean”– which has been a sub-theme– has proven to be correct more times than not. 

Godspeed, Mike!