“War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.”

I hear, via the World Wide Web, that there’s a #waronboys out there in parts of the “civilized” world. Seems boys who will be boys are no longer welcome in the “civilized” world.

That’s too bad.

To love hikes and camps and horses and dogs… .

Here’s the real #waronboys:


I’m a Libertarian. Raise your kid however you want.

But don’t expect me to help you preserve your pink-toed little boy because he hasn’t learned how to “meet difficult situations that arise … to cultivate strength of body and simplicity of mind…. .”

The pink-toed kid is last year’s news. But this photo has stuck with me. Why? Because look at Mom’s face. She’s sneering at him– she’s sneering at her own son.

Wicked Witch


Roping Lions in the Canyon. Zane Grey. 1922.

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  1. The reason Baden-Powell started the Boy Scouts is because he observed the boys of India forming “packs”. He then observed the same phenomenon in England. Often the “packs” would turn to undesirable activities and cause chaos in their societies. Can you say “gangs”?

    He decided that there was a natural proclivity for boys to group, and that there was an opportunity to use that tendency to form their inclinations to a positive end for society. Hence the Boy Scouts.

    And now we see that the Boy Scouts are being destroyed and the gangs are on the rise.

    We sure are modern and smart.

    1. Yeah. We’re smart alright!

      One of the things I like about living in the country is that we do see little packs of kids roaming around just being kids. Often, there’s a dog running along beside. Pretty soon there will be packs of boys with rifles coming to the door to ask if they can hunt!

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