Starry Starry Night Above a Full House

Sorry. No pictures of stars.

But I do have these of a recent crescent moon.

I have a nice amateur camera– although I suspect nothing as nice as The Grouch has. (Somewhere in the blog archives is the tale of buying the camera in Texas, along with some Texas pics.) 

And I do have a tripod or two. 

But you know what? After supper, I’m not inclined to set up a tripod. I’m just happy to walk out the front door, see a beautiful moon, run back inside the house, announce to everyone that there’s a beautiful moon, grab my nice camera, and do the best I can.

I have it on good authority– GOOD LORD! WHAT HAVE I SAID?–

Mr. Big Food tells me that A. Leland told him that he– A. Leland– was outside last night at 3am looking at the stars. A. Leland has been living in Chicago for a few years. He hasn’t seen any stars.

Mr. Big Food and I read with great amusement the GASPS of the punditry. 

Western Culture is dead. What should WE do?

Our younin’ are ignert. What should WE do?

We are no longer exceptional. What should WE do?

Well. First of all, it is not clear to me how this is a “we” problem. We are doing just fine, thank you very much. 

But since you asked.

First, you cultivate among the folks you love, a love of freedom and independence. [Insert not only the Dec of Independence, etc. but all of the philosophical and historical stuff that went before.] 

(By the way– Vlad doesn’t get this. He tries to mock. That’s not going to work out well.)

And you read some history, and the Bill of Rights together, as family & friends, 

And then you understand the relevance of the Second Amendment.

And you take A LOT of people shooting. And talked about 2A.

And then you buy a Farm big enough to accommodate your freedom-lovin’-gun-tottin’ family and friends.

Along the way, you collect some crappy old books. 


That’s what we did.

What are you doing?


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