Anything Catch Your Attention This Evening?

Glad you asked.

The “no guns” sign is still up at Larry’s but we went there anyway. Shame on us.

We have a guest at the Farm! Someone we’ve known for a long time, no matter who you ask. He lives in Meridian, Mississippi now, but we’ve all– we think– known him since Cincinnati. That’s a long time, no matter who you ask. 

We took Greg to Larry’s “sea food” buffet for supper. $17.95 all you can eat no crap legs, $24.95 “sea food” buffet with crap legs. 

When I saw that, I was ready to turn around and go back down the road to Sonic.  

$17.95! No way I can eat that much.

Mr. Big Food motioned me along and I gave it my best shot.

I did not get my money’s worth. I did not have any frog legs from the sea. I did not have any cat fish from the sea. The boiled shrimp from the sea was overcooked. The fried shrimp was good. And so were the grits. But I did not get my money’s worth.

I couldn’t believe how packed the place was. Full of Moms and Dads and little kids sitting ducks. And then I had an ah-ha moment. That’s how they make money. Some people do eat their money’s worth. 

For effect, we took Greg the back way to the Farm. Uneventful.


Tomorrow, Mr. Big Food is smoking a pig shoulder. 

We’ve invited some folks over. 

Early on, there will be fun and games.

And then we will eat BBQ sandwiches. 

A Poem that caught my attention this evening.