Today on the Farm: The Beginning, The Ending, & Some Parts of the Middle at the End of the Day

File this post under “Big Life.” 

The Beginning

The day began with grits, homemade sausage, and coffee.

Mr. Big Food got the pig shoulders on the smoker at about 8:15am.

The Ending

The first folk arrived at 2pm. Shane was interested in walking about the Farm, so I gave him a hand drawn map of the property, oriented him, and set him on his way. He later reported that it was so quiet in the woods, he heard his own footsteps. It is quiet back in the pine plantation– if you ignore the birds & bugs.

The last of the 20 or so folks arrived by 4pm.

Several folks brought things that we cobbled together as a delicious appetizer spread. Who doesn’t like humus and chibatta and veggie dip and chips and salsa?

By 5:15 it was time for the main event.

The Spread
The Spread from the other direction
The Pig, BBQed

A. Leland’s blackeyed pie & ham dish, which he has been fretting about for days. It was danged good. (My homegrown dried blackeyes, by the way.)

Let’s eat!

Here’s what tickles me. Joe– hearing that we were having BBQ– made a mess of cole slaw. It’s in the dish Daughter C is digging into, above. It was the perfect slaw for BBQ. Folks love to eat good food and folks love to contribute to a good meal.

There was homemade banana bread! Good Food. 

Moving on.

And now. I get to the middle.

This shit doesn’t happen spontaneously, folks.

Someone drove around picking flowers.
Someone hauled those bales of hay.
Someone strung those chilipepper lights

Thank you Daughter C & Miss M! 


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