What Would Ben Have to Say about Bill?

It’s a hypothetical question. Ben was born in 1706, Bill in 1590. Their lives did not cross.

And yet… .


Ben is Benjamin Franklin. Bill is William Bradford.

Miss M’s assignment, should she choose to accept it, is to write a few paragraphs about what Ben would have to say about Bill.

What a spirited Sunday Supper conversation that was!

After Supper, Miss M retired to her room. She’s chosen to accept the assignment. At one point, she said she felt confident that a transcript of our supper conversation would earn her an ‘A.’ But she wants her few paragraphs to her own.

Wonder what Ben & Bill would have to say about that, writing, as they often did, not in the 1st person.


Hey! Yo! Mr. Low Man! Are you getting this? We sit around talking about history.  And here’s how that goes. None of us knows everything, but each of us knows something. We employ this radical notion of sharing knowledge. We ask questions. We get answers. We make jokes about the questions and answers. You should try it some time. I’ll help you. Start with this one: “Why am I reading Marica’s little blog.” Answer that. “Because it’s your job” does not count as an answer. “For the recipes” does.