Answers to an Evening Little Game

You may recall I thought last evening was a good one for a little game. And so, we played a matching game. Match the sentence with its author.

SENTENCES in alphabetical order according to first word

1. “¡Adios, Pebbles!” she said to the little girls in a sardonic tone.
2. Her sardonic laughter in response to what was, in fact, a sound and thoughtful argument betrayed her as the ignorant one.
3. Sardonic laughter is sometimes the most effective response to expressed idiocy.
4. There was no hiding the fact that his views of the Narcissist-in-Chief and Ole Missed we equally sardonic.

AUTHORS in alphabetical order according to the way I name names

A. A. Leland
B. Daughter C.
C. Marica
D. Miss M
E. Mr. Big Food



There’s a back story to this. C (B) read the sentence. M (D) wrote it. I think there was some conniving going on.



You are granted absolution if you mixed these two up.