Episode 3 Part I’m Tired But We’re Home

Once again, we have fed 150 people. I’m not making this number up. I asked Walter how many people he thought were there, he said he’d done a head count– at a slice in time– and had accounted for transients and vagrants and what not, and pegged it at 150.

We chose not to go to the game. It’s on t.v. here in the Den. I’m happy to be back on the Farm. It’s been a long day. We’re just waiting to figure out how Mullen manages to really lose.

The tailgate went well. People like shrimp boil. One person brought a “side dish” of a package of mini-Hersey’s candies. Dude, that is unacceptable.

I’ll post some photos and when I’ve run out of happy co-operative photos, I will address Mr. mini-Hershey.

We arrived on-site early because we weren’t sure we’d have access later.

Many many thanks to Matt & Derek who made that happen. They met us on site, help unload, and whisked the truck to safety– only to return after the game had started and the roads were re-opened.

He’s carrying a television.

Green my butt. This thing ran for two hours. Just sitting there.


We got there at 10:15 and left at 7:25.

Folks seemed to like our efforts. There were some good side dishes.

And now to you, Mr. mini-Hershey

 Fuck you. (Excuse my French.)

I get that you are a Marxist– that you want to contribute the least while benefiting the most. But do you really understand what you’ve done?

I do.

John & Arthur & I worked hard to make your supper happen. Many others contributed– they helped set up and break down, they brought real side dishes, they stepped up and jumped in. 

And you brought a bag of mini-Hershey’s. 

From each according… .

You are worth a bag a mini-Hershey’s.

Mr. Big Food & Co. are worth a shrimp boil. 

How can you not get this?

Bag of mini-Hersheys : Shrimp boil

Worthless. Not even Wuerthers Originals.

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