She’s a Winner!

A hotel in a city in the Mountain Time Zone framed against a chromatic sky.

Daughter C has jetted off to a Big City in the Mountain Time Zone to receive an award!

We are proud of her.

I don’t report the stories of her students she tells at the picnic table. She shares them with us. They go no further.

I can say that among the folks I’ve passed in the halls of Academe, Daughter C is among the few who really, truly care about young people– and who virtually essentially work to help them. [fn1]

It is for this that Daughter C is being recognized on a National Stage.

We couldn’t be more proud!

Good Luck, Daughter C!

Take Pictures!!

We Love You!

fn1:  Daughter C introduced the phrase “Virtually essential” in a conversation around the picnic table one evening. Neither Daughter C nor The Philosophers liked it. It is gibberish. And then, C revealed it to be a piece of … educational propaganda. 

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