Just a Reminder

Shutdown or not, life goes on.

A. Leland brought this couple to my attention the other day. I have never seen this particular bug, and believe it or not, I do not have a field guide to bugs. My guess is the smaller of the two (the one on the bottom– oh, please! grow up!) is the male. They hung around for quite some time and then the smaller of the two went on its way– no doubt to die.

In other critter news from the Farm… . 

We watched a male grasshopper die on the patio. Took a while. Nasty.

I’m seeing a number of wooly caterpillers running around. Not a good sign.

And Missy wants Bambi to be her playmate. If she could only get Bambi to understand this, they’d all three have a wonderful time in the dog/deer park. As it is, Bambi’s not too keen on making friends with predators, despite Missy’s high pitched invitations.

Missy, Rocky & Bambi really are a sight to behold! Today, I saw Bambi, Missy and Rocky running this way and that way. And then Bambi jumped the fence. 

Bambi still has his spots. And he is fast. I noted a bit of co-operation between Missy and Rocky.  Bambi is a shifty character, but Missy & Rocky converged .

Is it cruel to take the dogs to the pasture where Bambi lives? Absolutely not. It is kind. 

This was Bambi on August 23rd. Rocky almost stepped on him!

I kept the dogs out of the over-grown pasture while Bambi was growing up. And it wasn’t until the end of September that the dogs saw Bambi.

If Bambi is to survive and reach reproductive maturity and procreate– I have no idea what sex Bambi is– learning how to evade Missy & Rocky in the pasture gives Bambi a clear advantage among his/her peers.

Missy & Rocky are not a real threat. They play in the over-grown pasture. This is to Bambi’s advantage.