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A Horriffic Experience

Missy dug up a yellow-jacket nest. Thank God, she was a lone, and the truck was nearby.

Wish Them Luck

Chris & Nick are camped out, awaiting 30 minutes before sunrise.Wish them luck. There are way too many deer out here. There are so many deer that does are having babies in August.  This upsets my routine. Rocky & Missy should not be chasing little fawns in November. That’s just wrong. (It’s mostly Missy.)Somebody needs

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Like a Pebble

Certainly you can forgive me for speaking so frankly, for sayingWhat I ought not to have said, yet now I can never unsay it;For there are moments in life, when the heart is so full of emotion, That if by chance it be shaken, or into its depth like a pebbleDrops some careless word, it overflows,

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Humm | They’re Only Sentences, But They’re Telling

The word was “Spartan” as in Sparta, as opposed to “Athenian” as in Athens, both of which are two really really crappy old cities from a really really crappy old civilization that contributed almost nothing to modern civilization except for a few moderately interesting concepts like democracy and republic. And Virtue v. Vice. And the

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