“It’s Over, Isn’t It?”

“Well, … yeah.”

“I thought so, given the fact that paper towels replaced real napkins for Sunday Supper. But Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a glorious celebration! I learned a lot. And I must say, I did like all of the attention.”


“It is wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Oh! My! To think of how far we’ve come! To think of how the New World was established… and to think of the freedoms we have! Am I correct in saying that there were… atheistshere this weekend? But we fed them and played with them and gave them affection, despite their a-religous views! This is the epitome of Freedom!”

“I’m not sure they were died in the wool aesthetists. Let’s be charitable and call them agnostics.”

“Oh. Whatever.


“Oh. Go back to sleep, My Dear Friend. All you ever want to do is jump on people and be happy. Some of us want to be thinkers. Your cute antics only get in the way.”


“Now, Missy. We’ll have none of that. Rocky is free to express himself as he sees fit. That’s the whole point of Thanksgiving.”


“Sorry we woke you up, boy!”


“I have to hand it to you, Rocky, you did a good job of defending the joint this weekend.”


“I thought I was particularly well behaved, given the circumstances.”

“Yes, you were, Missy (except for the rib drippin’s incident). But Rocky held down his job.”


“Job? When do I get one? I want a job.”