Oven Meals Are Awesome

An oven meal is a coordinated set of individual dishes which bake at the same temperature for the same length of time.


Oven Meal of Beef Patties, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes.

Oven meals always have a dessert– this one would have had a peach crisp thing, but since we have leftover cake, Mr. Big Food opted to not include dessert.

We did include a freshly picked salad (roasted walnuts optional)
dressed with Italian Dressing II (crumbled Roquefort cheese optional).

I’d say it took us about 30 minutes to assemble the three dishes before we popped them in the oven– and the lengthiest part of that was grinding the beef. If you use store-bought ground beef, cut that time in half.  The meal bakes for 40 minutes. And then bingo-bambo! Supper’s ready!

I really have no sympathy for folks who claim they don’t have enough time to cook healthy, homemade meals. (The beef patties have an apple slice in the middle!)

Can you believe we’re still picking fresh lettuce?