Christmas Tour: We Interupt the Christmas Tour to Take a Tour Through Christmas at Woodland, Mississippi

Woodland, Mississippi is an old fashioned Company Town which puts on a great light display at Christmas. Having been in Woodland in July, I suspect this doesn’t take as much effort as you would at first think because I don’t think they put away their Christmas lights. Nonetheless– if you’ve never seen the display, it’s worth seeing.

A. Leland has never seen the display. So in two cars– connected by walkie talkies– we went to check it out.

And before I post a Noah’s Ark boat load of photos, I’ll ask, “What did you do this evening?” Miss M is excused. I know what she did.

the approach

the entrance


Daughter C took some pics, too.

“God Bless America, my home sweet home. Stand beside her, and guide her… “