Sunday & Sunday Supper

Mr. big Food baked some cookies late afternoon. They were a comfort.

The Piglet was packed this morning. And we can’t figure out why, although our collective money is on a mini-stimulus from the government.

Mr. Big Food and I spent $114 and change at the Piglet. The most decadent purchase was the six-pack of bottles of good Root Beer for $4.69. That is a waste and I know it. But you know what? Tomorrow when I eat my leftover deer burger with lime mayo & whathave you, I may wash it down with a root beer.

One of the people at the Piglet this morning was a little old lady. Mr. Big Food says he’s seen her before and I can’t imagine that if I had, I’d have forgotten. 

It was hard for me to get an idea of her age based on her face. But judging from her clothes, which were right nice!– I’d put her at 65-75 (+/- 10, it really was that hard). She wore a longish purple skirt, and a redish embroidered jacket. And she carried a baby doll. At first glance, you want to believe this is a grandmother holding a baby. But it’s a baby doll wrapped in a baby blanket which she holds close to her under one side of her beautiful jacket.

About twice a month, pecuniary considerations dictate that I go the to Dollar General after we finish up at the Piglet. $0.50 here & there adds up.

And sure enough, there she was again.

I got in line behind some folks who spent $97.00 on their weekly grocery store run. It is possible to buy a week’s worth of groceries at the Dollar General, but I wouldn’t recommend it. He was a skinny little fellow. Scrappy but skinny. He wasn’t too nice to his wife. Decent. But not too nice. I’m betting he has a drug problem.

She was cute but 50+ overweight. Based on her bookkeeping ability, she’s what’s holding him together. The kid is destined to be fat.

Soda is cheap at the Dollar General. She bought five bags of Lays (R) chips– all kinds of flavors. I can just imagine what might happen if we came home from the grocery with five bags of Lays (R) chips– all kinds of flavors.

And some sugar for the kids’ breakfasts. 

She paid for the cupcake paper cup things and the three DVDs out of her own money. The Government paid for the chips. 

Anyway– we made it back to the Farm.

Roughing it with deer meat burgers
lime mayonaise
vegan grillers (C does not eat deer meat)

and sweet potato fried

For another view of “roughing it” see American Grouch. For the vegans/vegetarians, read his December posts.

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