I Am In a Fine Mood

Via Instapundit.com:

Sort of relatedly, I notice that people seem to be in a particularly grumpy mood out there in general. Not as much holiday cheer as usual. Not sure why, but I hope people manage to brighten up. Sure, lots of things suck, but the world’s not such a bad place.

UPDATE: Tom Maguire emails with an explanation:

If libs are in a bad mood it is because not only has their President collapsed but sometime in the next few days they have to go home and deal with (or be!) PajamaBoy.

If a righty is in a bad mood it is probably because due to cracking a rib laughing so hard about, well, the collapse of the Presidency or dealing with PajamaBoy.


As I said, I am in a fine mood. So is Mr. Big Food. Sure, it’s raining. Sure, I miss Missy & Rocky desperately (although no where near as desperately as I will tomorrow and the next day… ). But as Glenn notes, “the world’s not such a bad place.”

You can always have an egg salad sandwich for lunch
on homemade bread, topped with home grown lettuce
and a little homemade deer-meat wurst and cheese on the side,

no matter where in the world you are. Okay. That’s probably not true. I’m sure there are places in the world you can’t make you own deer-meat wurst. I make it a habit to not frequent those places.

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  1. For every 1 pound freshly ground deer meat, you’ll need 1 pound beef roast (sirloin tip, round, chuck) freshly ground, 2 Tbsp curing salt, 2 Tbsp Liquid Smoke, 1 Tbsp garlic powder, 1tsp pepper coarsely ground or more to taste. Combine all mixing very well. Shape into 1 pound logs.

    Roll up into single layer of foil. Seal. Cure 24 hours or more in fridge.

    When ready to bake preheat oven to 325. Fill broiler pan 1/2 full of cold water. Poke a few holes in foil on bottom of wrapped wurst. Place on broiler pan tray over pan. Bake 90 minutes or until internal temp of 170+. Cool to room temperature. Refridgerate at least 12 hours before unwrapping slicing & eating.

    These freeze well.

    Dear Aggie– All of that came from John dictating to me as we sit in my mom’s kitchen! Merry Christmas!

    1. You are welcome! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Back at the Farm now with Rocky & Missy!

      Love to all y’all, too, my friend!

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