CRITICAL UPDATE | Apparently, I spoke too soon

This is a full-on blast of hot water.

UPDATE: THERE IS NO WATER ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE. I called the after hours number which rolls over to the 911 operator– there are fewer than 10,000 of us in the county, she can handle it– and she asked if I live where I live because there’s a problem where I live and she doesn’t know what it is but the guy told her they were working on it.

Problem solved. 


All is not well. The Worst is not behind us.

So it seems that the earth has not quite gotten the message: IT’S ALMOST SUMMER. The air temperature today was about 42-ish. And all was well during the glorious sunny daytime hours. But as I began to put the house to bed, I noticed that that the water was running a bit slowly.

Here we go again.

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  1. We were in the teens, low twenties and I was worrying about a pipe bursting. I hope you have had some relief since posting this.

  2. Well. The busted pipe is fixed. But they, whoever they are, are still working on the main water line so we have water but very low pressure. So no laundry. No dishwasher. Everything takes twice as long. But hey. Could be worse.

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