I am overwhelmed

and at my ripe old age, I have figured out how to not be overwhelmed. But I am today.

Things were going along just fine. I’ve inventoried and ordered seeds. I’m moving in the direction of planting seeds– yes, yes, I should have had the tomatoes already planted but at least I’m moving in the right direction. I’m waylayed a bit by the fact that my normal seed starting place is being reconstructed. But I’m on it.

I have a couple of indoor winter projects I want to finish. I have Lowes Chirstmas Gift Certificates to finance them. And I know that I cannot go any further until I finish up a few bits of deep cleaning, ironing and such. Projects require clean spaces.

And then I get an email from Mr. Big Food. He needs help with one of his projects. Immediate help.

Call me crappy old fashioned but I liked the days where one could just list one’s accomplishments as a simple list without having to make a map of it. 

To tell the truth, I think I’m going to suggest to Mr. Big Food that this is crap. If I make a nicely formatted list of  locations where he’s been invited to speak, and you don’t know where on the map Romania is, that’s your problem.


What grade are you in that you can’t gleen the relevant information from a 40 page CV? You need maps?

I spent a whole day pandering to this.

I’m not convinced Mr. Big Food is on a different page than I am.

For God Sake, he gave the Keynote Lecture at UMMC just the other day.

Remember? We stopped at WaffleHouse on our way to Jackson.

So I’m not convinced I have to tie my knickers in a knot to redo Mr Big Food’s CV into a dramatic presentation.

I think his Life’s Work speaks for itself.

And if you need maps to direct you to this conclusion… .