Surprise! I’m a Libertarian.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

The cold has finished snapping for now. The tomato, eggplant, tomatillo (but not gooseberry) seeds have germinated, as have my jump start spring seeds (cabbage, broccoli, some herbs and alliums). (“Alliums” is not misspelled. Please remove that red squiggly line, you botanically ignorant spell-check program, you.) I pulled up the mostly dead lettuce and will this week work on the raised beds. I can begin to plant the seeds in the “now” section as soon as I do this.

We ate some really good food. Watched some b’ball from back in the day,

Watched two episodes of Good Times. Remember that? Dynomite!

I also began to clean the books back here in the Den. I’m trying to convince myself I got something done. I did take the dogs for a walk.

And then I checked my email. There was one from Mr. Big Food’s Dad with the classic first line:

Thought you might find this one interesting…Love from Texas…

So what the heck? There’s not much about me Mr. Low Man doesn’t already know, so if I take a quiz and it puts me in the “Libertarian” quadrant, I’m not too surprised and neither will he be.

Of course, I knew which question was going to align me thusly when I answered the question. And sure enough…

It was ‘voluntary’ that held me up.

Stay with me. Substitute ‘military’ for ‘service to country’ and substitute ‘compulsory’ for ‘voluntary’ and put a time limit on it. A citizen must serve his/her country for at least two years and no more than eight, except maybe– maybe– if you’re serving in the Senate. With rights come responsibilities. Repeal that stupid law that let the people vote for the senate, and the income tax, and we’re good to go.

Also, get rid of a bunch of those agencies and whatnot.